Where to Stay in Port Barton, the Philippines

We had no idea what to expect when arriving in Port Barton. We had heard it is very small, not as pretty as El Nido, but much more enjoyable than El Nido. I think that is a fair statement. Suffice to say, Port Barton was our favourite destination in the Philippines. We took a long, bumpy jeepney ride from El Nido (transfering in Roxas) to Port Barton accompanied by fellow tourists, locals, some cargo, and a fighting cock. Inside our jeepney from Roxas to Port Barton When arri

Why you should travel the Philippines NOW

While travelling, you are bound to hear expats talk about ‘the good old days’ before tourism came and rampaged their slice of paradise. Complete paradise. The view from the best restaurant in El Nido- A hidden gem! Nothing stays secret for long these days with the whole world being connected online. Secluded hide-outs, beautiful beaches, and hippy vibes all get discovered sooner or later and completely change, often for the worse. For some reason, people often exclude the Phi

Port Barton: The only tourist.

After spending a week in El Nido where the amount of tourists outnumbered locals, we were ready for a change of pace. I had read good things about Port Barton on the same island of Palawan in the Philippines. Getting to Port Barton is not as easy as you would hope. I think though, that is what keeps Port Barton less busy and charming. There is no direct transportation from El Nido to Port Barton (during high season there may be opportunities to rent private vans). We took a b