Krabi Town Vegan Guide

If you're vegan and in Krabi're in luck! There are two super good restaurants for you to visit. Most people travel to Krabi Town for a short time before heading on to the islands nearby. If you're curious how long we stayed for, check out our Thailand itinerary. As we've said in previous posts, Krabi Town is a very odd, quirky place. But we really enjoyed it. The first thing you should know about eating vegan in Krabi Town is street food! Other than Bangkok and Chi

Thailand Itinerary - One Month

We found Thailand to be an interesting place, to say the least. On one hand, Thailand is home to arguably the most beautiful scenery we have come across, incredible food, and smiling people. On the other, it can be overcrowded, polluted, and too many partying tourists around. If you know where to go, though, you can have an amazing time. We loved our month in Thailand. Here was our itinerary for our one month trip through Thailand. Chiang Mai - 10 nights We stayed in Chiang M

Ice Love You: Vegan Ice Cream in Chiang Mai

When I heard through the grapevine that a super-hero themed vegan ice cream parlour existed, my response was "holy $@*!**#!@#!", followed by "where is this magical place?!". Turns out it was in the extremely vegan-friendly city of Chiang Mai, somewhere I now knew we had to visit. Ice Love You is located the south end of the Nimman Area, not too far from Chiang Mai University. And yes, it is as good as it sounds. Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor adorn the walls

Koh Phagnan: Life After the Party

Koh Phagnan is famous for the full moon parties that happen on the island. Thousands of tourists flock to the island once a month to let loose and party from midnight to early the next morning. It is said to be a once in a life time experience and the highlight to many peoples trip to Thailand. The island gets busy, people spend their days sleeping or hungover on the beach and a few days later they pack up and move on. photo courtesy of Koh Phagnan

Veganerie, Bangkok: A Vegan Food Heaven

Oh, Bangkok. We love you for several reasons, but as a serial vegan chocolate lover, the number one reason I would return to Bangkok for is the Veganerie. This may sound silly, but the proof is in the pudding. The Veganerie has vegan sundaes, milkshakes, ice-cream, waffles, cookies, and any other dessert or sweets you could imagine. But best of all, is they taste amazing and remind me you don't need eggs, butter, or milk to make delicious sweets. Fully vegan and proud! Way to

Everything You Need (and Didn't Need) To Know about Krabi Town, Thailand

Before heading to Thailand's southern beaches, we were most excited to explore Krabi. We had an incredible time at the gem of Thailand, on Railay Beach, and were so sad to leave Koh Lanta, our favourite Thai Island. Most of the people we talked to prior to heading south mentioned we should avoid Krabi Town itself, as there isn't much to see there. Low and behold, we ended up staying in Krabi Town for three fun nights. iconic Krabi scenery from the view of our hostel The first

4 Best Hostels in Southeast Asia

When travelling, we try to stick to homestays, guest houses, and whatever is cheapest. We have had some pretty awful experiences in hostels before (hyperlink), but after over 4 months of travelling through South East Asia, we were lucky to stay in some pretty awesome hostels. Here's our list of the top 4 hostels in SE Asia 1. Let It Bee Hostel Koh Lanta, Thailand 300 baht ($10) per night per person We loved Koh Lanta. In fact, we loved it so much we decided to extend our stay

Where a Budget Backpacker Stays in Railay, Krabi

Railay beach is just spectacular, and everyone knows it. Because of this realization the prices of accommodation and food have risen significantly and there are few budget backpacking friendly places to stay. have your camera ready while approaching by boat- very beautiful A popular area for backpackers to stay is called Ton Sai Beach. Ton Sai Beach is separated from Railay by a stretch of rocks and shallow water. From Ton Sai beach you can see Railay Beach! It’s a bit of a

Exploring Koh Lanta Noi...A Must See!

Ahh paradise. Koh Lanta is a place to relax and spend days in the sand. It’s a stark contrast from neighbouring Koh Phi Phi and has quite a lovely atmosphere. I’ve confessed my love for Koh Lanta in the past, its no secret. Although It was one of our favourite Thai Islands there comes a time when you need to get up off the sand and do something. waiting for the car ferry to cross the short distance to Lanta Noi secluded Hua Laem Ngu Beach Since we had rented a scooter for our

Bangkok: The Most Misunderstood Asian City

Prior to heading to Bangkok, we had no idea what to expect. My uncle lived there with his family for about eight years, and raved to me about it being "the most charming huge city on earth". This is the opposite from what we heard through the backpacking grapevine, as traveller after traveller would tell us "don't go to Bangkok", "I would only go if you have to because of a flight or something", and "it's so busy, don't stay for long" (or something along those lines). After o

The BEST Thai Island ?!

A simple google search into where to go in Thailand will come up with many different answers. There is no general consensus of which islands to visit and which to skip, making planning a trip confusing and overwhelming. When we started to look into which islands suited us the best, we came up empty handed and often picked at random or by using google images. Every traveller is different and therefore has different opinions on which island is ‘the best’ or ‘the worst’. There i

Where to eat on Koh Phi Phi

The Grand Arcade: Our favourite place to eat on Phi Phi (pronounced Pee-Pee, seriously) The food is really great, fresh, and actually presented nicely. This was by far the best curry we had in a long time. We also tried the stir-fried vegetables with basil but found the curry to be much better value and taste. The Massaman curry from here is a must try. Only Noodles: This small ‘hole in the wall’ type place serves up only one thing. Pad thai. You pick your choice of noodle an

Koh Phi Phi: The most beautiful place we couldn’t wait to leave.

Easily one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, the stunning cliffs framed by turquoise water surround you at every view. The Phi Phi viewpoint is some of the most stunning scenery we had seen in Thailand and of course you cannot forget the movie ‘The Beach’ with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed on and around Koh Phi Phi. I should just come out and say it, I did not like Koh Phi Phi and no I have not seen ‘The Beach’ Koh Phi Phi is unsurprisingly very touristy and developed. How

Chiang Mai Vegan Guide: Top 15 Restaurants

I almost put off writing this article. I worried it was too ‘over done’ and not original. I like to keep my readers informed about the best places to eat in each city or area we visit but Chiang Mai has become so popular the internet seems flooded with information. With 79 listings on Happy Cow alone it seems there are endless amounts of places to grab great vegan food in Chiang Mai and blog about it. I decided to just bite the bullet and post our favourite places we ate. The