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1st Stop: Portugal

Stepping off the plane in Portugal was like stepping into a much needed tropical vacation. The weather back home in Toronto has been closer to winter than it was summer. After 15 hours of travelling and about 3 cases of dates later we arrived, wide eyed and hungry. It helped that colin had packed two extra large sized ziplocks full of different vegan bars ranging from meal replacements and raw date bars to the more indulgent Go Max Go chocolate bars (which are honestly amazing )

We left the airport, took a bus, took a train, walked, took another bus, and finally arrived to our destination in Olhao. A small fishing village on The Algarve. The area was stunning, clear water and blue sky.

Since we are staying at a hostel we decided to prepare dinner ourselves rather than wander around ill-prepared for where we could find a decent vegan meal. We visited Olhaos mercado to pick up produce for the night and next morning. We were greated by the potent smell Realizing that we were standing in the middle of a fish and seafood market we were fairly horrified and left through the nearest exit. The next building was thankfully filled with lots of local fruits and vegetables and home to the largest fig I have ever seen (and eaten).

I found prices of produce, specifically fruit were much much better then what I was used to paying at home in Canada. It helps that portugal is able to grow so many diverse fruits. Money saving tip: figure out what is grown locally and buy and eat to your hearts content. Imported fruits will cost you and will not compare to the taste of local.


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