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Vegan Guide: Pushkar

Honey & Spice:

Seeing the word ‘vegan’ in India is a welcome and rare sight. Pushkar is a small place, but oddly popular with the backpacking crowd which has lead to a few restaurants popping up with dishes like tofu, and veg burgers etc. Honey and Spice is no exception, and is the most vegan friendly there is. The place is vegetarian but most menu items are vegan. They have specials daily and vegan dessert. It is open from 8am-530pm and serves breakfast which features toast and tofu pate, tofu scramble, fruit salad, juices, and sandwiches. They also serve a lunch/early dinner with salads, and many hearty grain bowls. Hint: Try the Blissful Bowl. Prices are fairly standard a little above what you would expect to pay. 100-210 rupees for a main.


Cafe Natures Blessing:

With the same owner as Honey & Spice you might expect similar fare. Cafe Nature’s Blessing is well worth the walk. It is not located near the lake but towards the bus stop to Ajmer. If you continue walking in that direction the road splits at Hotel Oasis. Keep right, soon the road splits again and you will see a sign that says Cafe Natures Blessing. Keep Left. Walk further than you would expect and you will find it on the right hand side. The food is about the same price but a bit less casual. Gone are the sandwiches and toast! The menu boasts creative vegan dishes with beautiful presentation. We ordered the ‘exotic salad’ and a marinated tofu dish with mashed potatoes. I hear that their breakfast is also worth eating but may be more vegetarian friendly (yogurts, cereals, etc)

The Laughing Buda:

Situated up some steep steps, the Laughing Buda has a cute vibe and a small patio. The owner is more than willing to make any dish you want so if you are not happy with the big vegan burgers, the pasta, the curry, etc. He can make you an oil free tomato based masala sauce for your steamed potatoes and rice ;) or whatever else you may want. Colin edit: The veggie burger is delicious, do yourself and a favour and order it..

The Juice Bar: old bazar area near honey and spice.

No list could be concluded without mentioning my fav. juice bar and the start of my morning routine. This is a clean and trustworthy juice shop with a blender who makes many smoothies without milk. Clearly state without milk just to be sure and drink the Banana and Dates one! They offer a large for 80 rupees and an 1 litre XL (in a pepsi cup) for 170 rupees.


You cannot walk down main bazar area without passing by the Falafel guys, 3 different street vendors all selling the same menu. Every-time you walk by you will be asked if you want to sit and have falafel. Sit and have falafel! All of them are great but we went to the busiest one. They offer many vegan wraps on fresh nan as well as potato patties and falafel. Remember that Pushkar is a holy city so it is vegetarian by law and eggs are forbidden so many ‘patties’ are totally vegan. A standard falafel will set you back 70 rupees.


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