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Everything You Need (and Didn't Need) To Know about Krabi Town, Thailand

Before heading to Thailand's southern beaches, we were most excited to explore Krabi. We had an incredible time at the gem of Thailand, on Railay Beach, and were so sad to leave Koh Lanta, our favourite Thai Island.

Most of the people we talked to prior to heading south mentioned we should avoid Krabi Town itself, as there isn't much to see there. Low and behold, we ended up staying in Krabi Town for three fun nights.

what to do in Krabi Town

iconic Krabi scenery from the view of our hostel

The first thing you know about Krabi Town is that it is...well...quirky.

what to do in Krabi Town

Cavemen statues hold traffic lights, metal elephant trunks act as light posts, pedestrian crossings are marked by zebras painted on the asphalt, and the main attractions are "elephant statue" and "crab statue".

what to do in Krabi town
what to do in Krabi town

After a tour of Thailand's islands, we were missing our fix of authentic Thai food, so it was great to see Krabi Town had many markets, food stalls, and even a walking street (what's up, Chiang Mai?).

vegan krabi walking street

The weekend walking street, always busy! lots of yummy food options here

vegan krabi walking street

There are quite a few markets and food markets in Krabi. We enjoyed them all!

The next thing you should know about Krabi Town is, well, that's about it.

Though a bit sleepy, we spent three nights there before a flight to Malaysia and had a great time.


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