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Vegan-Friendly Street Food: Jonkers Walk, Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia

Melaka (also referred to as Malacca) is a very beautiful small town. It's European influence can be seen through the architecture and the small lanes are lined with red hanging lanterns, reminiscent of Vietnam's Hoi An. It is also known for it's main tourist attraction: Jonker Walk.


Vegan-Friendly Street Food: Jonkers Walk, Melaka, Malaysia

Jonker Walk occurs along Jonker St every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night starting around 6pm. The street is mostly lined with booths selling the typical tourist stuff you see at night markets, such as clothes, souvenirs, etc., though it was fun to see some new things: people selling products with a microphone in infomercial-style, cool juicing water bottles, and even new coconut innovations.

coconut jelly balls melaka

They shave off the coconut shell so you are left with a ball of coconut jelly filled with water!

What we were happy to see at Jonker Walk were the options for (accidentally) vegan street food! There were many options for us, and all three nights we indulged in the vegan street food options Jonker Walk had to offer.

jonker walk vegan melakka malacca malaysia

Vada Pav and dahl patties ready to be devoured

My favourite (guilty pleasure) was the Indian fried snacks. A very sweet young Indian couple are set up with a wok frying two different snacks: one dahl patty and a vada pav. Both tasted great and reminded me of our six weeks in India. Oh and the best part - the price! Only 1 ringgit (30 cents) for two.

jonker walk vegan malaysia
jonker walk vegan malaysia

lots of vegan options from faux seafood to french fry cakes!

I also enjoyed an accidentally vegan patty sold by a nice man and his children in the food stall section on a street off the main drag of Jonker Street. This street food option at Jonker Walk was a fried mixed vegetable cake, which he cut into pieces and smothered in hot sauce. It was phenomenal! He also had a french fry cake, but I couldn't bring myself to buying it. Also a good price at 2 ringgit (60 cents) for one cake.

For the more exotic fruit lovers out there, Vicki enjoyed the smoothies on Jonker Street. These ladies were selling juices and smoothies of every combination. Vicki loved the soursop smoothie, but for vegans - be sure to say "no milk"! A little pricey, however, at 6 ringgit ($2), but tasty none the less.

vegan malacca melakka malaysia

No Milk, No sugar = soursop heaven

Lastly, Vicki loved visiting the resident jackfruit man at Jonker Walk. For five ringgit ($1.30), she got a decent portion of pre-cut jackfruit that was super tasty!

jonker walk vegan malaysia

Literally the best tasting jackfruit in the world, and we dont say that lightly.

So vegans - don't fear! The Jonker Walk on Jonker St has plenty of solid street food options for you to join in the fun and experiences the sights, sounds, and tastes of Melaka.


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