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Veganerie, Bangkok: A Vegan Food Heaven

Oh, Bangkok. We love you for several reasons, but as a serial vegan chocolate lover, the number one reason I would return to Bangkok for is the Veganerie.

This may sound silly, but the proof is in the pudding. The Veganerie has vegan sundaes, milkshakes, ice-cream, waffles, cookies, and any other dessert or sweets you could imagine. But best of all, is they taste amazing and remind me you don't need eggs, butter, or milk to make delicious sweets.

veganerie bangkok

Fully vegan and proud!

veganerie bangkok

Way too may options

The Veganerie is located in the Siam District of Bangkok - an area overpopulated with shopping mall after shopping mall. It is inside the Mercury Mall, which is a mall consisting of only restaurants and cafes. Brilliant!

veganerie bangkok

Dark chocolate brownie smoothie and a soy yogurt parfait

We visited the Veganerie twice times during our short visit to Bangkok. Here's what I had.

Dark chocolate waffles with ice-cream

195 baht ($7) for three waffles and 2 scoops of ice cream.

If there's one thing I recommend from the Veganerie, it's this. These are hands down the best waffles I have ever had, crispy on the outside, smooth on the inside, and of course, a great intense chocolate flavour. Best of all is the waffles come with ice-cream! I tried chocolate and black sesame, both of which were great.

Dark chocolate fudge smoothie

130 baht ($5)

Another intense chocolate dish. Great news for me! The brownies were really good and packed with flavour, and the smoothie was chocolatey and ice cold. Reminded me of Dairy Queen's Blizzards I used to have prior to going vegan.

As a backpacker on a really tight budget, it was difficult for me to justify the (relatively) absurd prices at the Veganerie. But seriously, it is worth it, and much cheaper than what these dishes would cost at a vegan place back home.

veganerie bangkok

Looks like someone is excited

We rarely splurge on food, unless it's very, very good, and this is one of those cases. You won't be disappointed by the quality of the food here - and if you are a vegan chocolate lover like myself, you'll be in paradise.

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