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WWOOF: How to apply

Before you apply to different farms it is important to know you have picked farms that will allow for a positive experience for both you and the hosts. Please read how to choose a farm first!

WWOOF is as much about cultural exchange and learning as it is about farm work so don’t worry if you do not have experience with farming. The hosts do not expect this. We sure didn’t!

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When contacting your selected farms remember three key things:

  1. Do not send a generic email that was copy/pasted to several farms at a time. The hosts can see right through this and will assume you are uninterested in their specific opportunity. Pick a few elements from the farms description or website and include them in the email so they know you have put some time into looking at them.

  2. Sell yourself! like any application it is nice to include details about yourself so your host can get a feel of your personality. We like to include our education, interests, and if you have any relevant experience this would be a good place to include it.

  3. Ask questions: guaranteeing a good experience means knowing what to expect. We have applied to farms knowing little about them and thankfully had good experiences but they could have been a bad match.

wwoof italy

You may have to contact quite a few farms depending on the season or region. We had a hard time securing vegan farm’s during the high season in Italy and sent out close to 100 inquiries. Stay motivated!

Once you have sent out your emails it’s time to think about what to expect when you get there and what to bring on your adventure.

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