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WWOOF: What To Pack

Packing only the essentials is hard for everyone. On our first backpacking trip we shipped clothes home after 7 months because we just didn’t need everything we thought.

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Colin protecting himself from the harsh sun and Vicki trying to stay cool in the hot weather

It’s ironic that when your packing at home its hard to pick how many shirts and ‘what if’ thoughts keep popping into your head but all of a sudden it becomes clear you did not need those ‘what if’ shorts or extra pair of shoes once you put on your bag on in a new country.

So here it goes, a what to bring WWOOFing guide and packing essentials:

This guide is helpful if you are working in the spring/summer

  • sturdy shoes (we take hiking boots)

  • 1 long loose pair of pants for long rough grass and mosquitos

  • 1 lightweight pair of shorts for daytime heat

  • 3-4 loose tshirts that you don’t mind getting dirty (avoid the color black if your going to be in the sun all day)

  • 1 hat (either sunhat or baseball cap)

  • 1 pair work gloves (also can bring sturdy gardening gloves)

  • Snacks (protein bars, dried fruit, granola, etc.)

  • a small gift for host family is nice from your home country

  • reusable water bottle

  • Some good books to keep you occupied in spare time

  • a journal to keep record of what you have been doing and new skills!

Specifically for females:

  • You don’t want to bring short shorts for working on the farm since you will most likely be doing alot of bending over, walking, etc. It’s best for comfort to bring bermuda length shorts and one sporty shorter pair for lounging

  • 2 sports bra’s

  • extra feminine products just incase you have no access to a large town during your stay

Photo 2014-07-12, 11 59 21 AM.jpg

We wore hiking boots every day! It's a 'Must Bring'

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