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Cats Attic Cat Cafe, Hongdae, Seoul, Korea Review:

Cat cafe’s are popping up all over Korea. In Seoul you can find cat cafe’s in many of the citys trendy areas. In Hongdae, a lively student neighbourhood with a bustling art and cafe scene, we visited Cat’s Attic. Cat’s Attic is a chain of well run cat cafes throughout Seoul.

When you first walk into Cats Attic you will change your shoes to slippers and sanitize your hands. There is technically no entrance fee but a drink purchase is mandatory and all drinks are 8,000 won. You can sit at the tables around the room or on a padded mat on the floor.

There are some rules to the cat cafe such as not to pick up the cats, not to wake them, or taunt them with straws.

At Cat’s Attic in Hongdae there are around 25 cats. Many of these cats are ‘designer’ breeds and are beautiful to look at. Though they wern’t all jumping to sit on our laps we were lucky to have one sleepy kitty who just wouldn’t leave our side.

We witnessed a feeding time which was quite a sight! All of the cats sitting together waiting patiently made for some great photos.

Although expensive the cat cafes are worth the price becuase your money goes towards the upkeep of having so many cats.

We reccomend Cats Attic since it wasn’t too busy, touristy, or smelly!

Check out my video tour of exploring the cat cafe:

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