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Where to Stay in Palolem, Goa

Like every destination in India, when we arrived in Palolem, we had no idea where we going to stay. So with our backpacks in hand, we ventured in the 35 degree heat along the beach stopping at every section of beach bungalows and asking the ever familiar question "do you have rooms?"

Thankfully, steep prices and no vacancy led us down the beach close to the very east side of the beach (near Patnem) at Rosy Paradise Beach Huts. If you're looking for somewhere to stay on Palolem Beach, look no further.

Palolem, Goa

The view from our porch!

The accommodation here is very, very basic. But hey, so are (most) huts in Palolem. The huts are equipped with private bathrooms, a bed, and a mosquito net. They are fairly open, so expect to immerse yourself into nature! We actually loved how open the huts were; there is nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.


Inside our basic beach hut in Palolem

To my knowledge, Rosy Paradise doesn't have any methods set up for online reservations - so all you can do is show up and hope they have room. Though it may seem risky, we travelled six weeks in India with no accommodation planned ahead and never had trouble. Also - you can bargain a good deal for the room if you don't book ahead.


The outside of our hut

We negotiated a price of 450 rupees ($9) per night in early November 2014 at Rosy Paradise Beach Huts, which is pretty cheap for beachfront accommodation in Palolem. We had the second hut in from the water and had an unobstructed view of the ocean. It was paradise.

We loved Palolem and Rosy Paradise so much, we extended our stay as long as we could and will definitely stay here again the next time we visit Palolem. You should too!


Hard to complain when you're relaxing with that view!

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