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Banancue: Human's Greatest Invention

This majestic wonder of beauty definitely deserved it's own article.

Looking back on our six months in Asia, the one food that keeps my mouth watering when I think about it is the Philippines' bananacue.

el nido

The Philippines - the country home to my favourite view and snack.

Yes, I am just as surprised that the least-vegan-friendly country we have ever visited has the one snack I loved most, but seriously...bananacue is amazing.


Banancue from the streets of El Nido on Palawan island.

Bananacue is an entire banana deep fried in oil and brown sugar. I know what you're thinking - it sounds awful for you, and trust me, it absolutely is. But the's so...indescribably delicious.

It is typically found as street food in the Philippines. I luckily found it in El Nido, Port Barton, and Puerto Princessa during our three weeks in Palawan, so I frequented these stalls at least once a day!


Banancue in our favourite Filipino town, Port Barton.

The cost (for tourists, at least) was around $1 for 5 pieces (around 10 peso per piece) - very inexpensive.

So if you're travelling the must try banancue!


Bananacue lined up at a street stall in Puerto Princesa.

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