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Kelly’s Bake Shoppe: Burlington, ON

Nestled in Burlington, Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area, there is a gluten-free and vegan haven. Kelly’s Bake Shoppe has it all; amazing tasting desserts, ‘guilt free’ options, and chic décor.

It’s always a lovely experience visiting Kelly’s. The many flavors of fresh baked cupcakes line the beautiful open glass display and the smells of freshly baked cookies tease your senses.

I am usually not a dessert girl, and especially not a chocolate lover (I know, I know), but at Kelly’s I am often both! The options range from full-size cupcakes, cookies (including a ‘skinny’ banana-oat cookie), their award winning layered brownie, muffins, and more! The double fridges in the café are always filled to the brim with to-go cupcakes, cakes, and delicious cookie ice-cream sandwiches. On our last visit though I was disappointed to find no mini cupcakes along the line up! I agree, 1 mini is not enough but what’s a girl to do when she wants to try every single flavor???

All items are gluten free and completely vegan. They also cater big or small events making lovely personalized cakes for every occasion.

The interior of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is charming and cute. The wooden tables and iconic décor give off a timeless beauty that reminds me of something you would see on the streets of New York City. Not bad for the town of Burlington!

You can grab a coffee or tea with any milk imaginable (or how about some vegan soft-serve ice cream!) and enjoy your treat in the bakery or to go.

Check out for more information but be prepared for some serious cupcake envy.

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