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Craft Beer in Tel Aviv: Dancing Camel Brewery

When I was looking ahead at our itinerary, I saw places like the Czech Republic and Germany, and was most excited to test out their local craft beer scenes. I did not expect one of my favourite craft breweries to be located in Tel Aviv!

Enter Dancing Camel Brewery. Dancing Camel is located in a bit of an inconvenient location if you are staying downtown, but nonetheless we embarked on the 40 minute walk from our accommodation in Tel Aviv to check out Dancing Camel.

dancing camel tel aviv

We passed by a series of bridges and highways and ended up in a very industrial area. We looked around and figured we had to be in the wrong place. We walked a little further and finally we found Dancing Camel in an unassuming building.

Dancing Camel is a brew-pub and brewery. On the inside, it appears slightly rustic, but definitely has a Western-sports-bar feel to it. The brew-pub was busy with locals, tourists, and a large group from America on their birthright trip.

They had a fairly extensive draught list when I visited in June 2014, including an American Pale Ale, Midnight Stout, and IPA. If you haven't noticed by now, my go-to beer is an IPA so I couldn't say no to this one.

Photo 2014-06-21, 2 54 04 AM.jpg

After enjoying a few beers, the bartender informed us if we bought four beers - we could enjoy an unlimited amount of beer after that for free. That is quite the deal, but we turned it down because we had an early morning ahead of us to get to Jerusalem.

Before leaving, we snuck into a back area where the beer is brewed, and where there also happens to be a giant projector screen.

Photo 2014-06-21, 3 44 17 AM.jpg

Overall, Dancing Camel Microbrewery was a really cool place to taste fresh, hoppy beer and relax in a casual setting.

Definitely worth the walk!

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