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Welcome to Fort Kochi: Turn Back Now

Fort Kochi in Kerala, India is a weird place; and I don't say that lightly. After spending just over six weeks travelling through some parts of India we ended our trip in Kochi. We were flying out of Cochin International Airport and decided to spend a few days in Fort Kochi, the tourist centre in the city of Kochi.

What to do Fort Kochi

We arrived by ferry to Fort Kochi, which essentially is a small water bound area close by the mainland. Fort Kochi itself has Portuguese heritage as it was granted to them in 1503. Since then the Dutch came and captured the area, it briefly fell back into Portuguese control, the British took a stab at concurring the area, and finally in 1947 India gained their independence and Fort Kochi was Indian territory once again. Due to this history many buildings around Fort Kochi are built in a european style and do not match traditional Indian architecture.

What to do Fort Kochi

If you found this article searching for what to do in Fort Kochi you have come to the right place. In order to understand just how strange Fort Kochi is, it is necessary to show you the top tourist destinations.

  1. Chinese fishing nets:

What to do Fort Kochi

Yes, These Chinese fishing nets are the top attraction of Fort Kochi. We probably do not need to continue but we will…

2. Fort Kochi beach:

What to do Fort Kochi

This is the ‘beach’.

3. Promenade with fresh sea breeze


Many people stand on this promenade and wait for large shipping and oil tankers to cruise by. As they do some ships blow their horn and people smile. Also these large metal...historical vessels are a tourist stop along said promenande.

4. Dutch Cemetery:

What to do Fort Kochi

The dutch cemetery is exactly what it sounds like. However what we did not predict is that it would be both closed to the public and quite basic and ugly.

Disclaimer: All of these attractions can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes.

Of course I am poking fun a bit at how odd the ‘attractions’ in Fort Kochi are. The area is almost upscale looking filled with lots of tourists which made us wonder even more “ WHAT IS HERE! “

What to do Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is home to clean accommodation, an older more affluent traveler than many other parts of india, and delicious food.

Although famous for seafood Fort Kochi is home to our favourite vegan meal in all of India! So if you are going to come here after seeing the top attractions, atleast eat here.

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