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Wok To Walk Review: Amsterdam Vegan

Disclaimer: It’s important to start this post out by saying I do not really eat ‘fast food’. Both me and Colin are vegan for ethical reasons but also in the past few years I have gotten in to more health food and even a mostly raw food diet. Then one day wandering the streets of Amsterdam in search of a little fun we stumbled into Wok to Wok and inquired about their vegan options. An addiction was born.

vegan in amsterdam

no, its not worms. Its udon noodles!

haha now that that is out there it’s safe to say if you have never been to a Wok to Wok you are in fact missing out. Wok To Walk has franchises throughout Europe in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and more! They are also starting to pop up in the USA and even Africa. I’m having a bit of envy that Canada is not on that list to be completely honest.

vegan in amsterdam

Wok To Walk is custom made, fast, and healthy food. The menu gives you options to create your own custom stir-fry which is then made right in front of you. You pick your base, your add ons, and your sauce. The vegan options are clearly labeled which I love and the staff were careful to use clean woks.

vegan food amsterdam

The vegetable base with extra broccoli, tofu, and sprouts finished with Hot Asia sauce!

There are locations all over so whenever you need a quick bite of vegan food in Amsterdam you can always just ask someone where the closest one is!

vegan in amsterdam

You have the choice to pick between rice noodles, wheat noodles, udon noodles, rich, and a vegetable-only option. Make sure to say no-egg if you are ordering anything other than the vegetable-only option. From there you can mix in tofu, mushrooms, bok choi, broccoli, peppers, pineapple, corn, bamboo shoots, and cashews. Out of the 8 sauce options 4 are vegan. They are ‘Hong Kong’ which is a sweet and sour, ‘Tokyo’ which is teriyaki, ‘Hot Asia’ which is our favourite!, and ‘Bali’ which is a peanut sauce.

I seriously cannot believe I wrote an entire post on Wok To Walk but it is the one “fast food” place I have not stopped thinking about. I think maybe I am just hungry.

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