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Raw Food Intentional Community in Tel Aviv: Our Stay at City Tree

When we were browsing and looking for where to stay in Tel Aviv we came across a post that mentioned it was a sustainable community living apartment. The project is called City Tree and describes itself as “A new ecology project in Tel Aviv teaching urban dwellers how to live a sustainable and green lifestyle, even in the heart of the city”.


City Tree, In the heart of Tel Aviv!

City Tree is composed of a couple bedrooms, open common area, and an indoor/outdoor kitchen. We slept in a small private room on a mattress laid on the floor. The rest of the community members shared the common areas and bedrooms implementing community living which aids in teaching people human ecology; the practice of getting to know the people around you.

where to stay Tel Aviv

Colin getting some much needed sleep on our mattress

raw vegan tel aviv

amazing raw and vegan products for us to use

Tami Zori is the owner and creator of City Tree and hosts workshops on permaculture, vegan nutrition, the 80/10/10 diet and how to live harmoniously with nature. Unfortunately during our time at City Tree none of the workshops were held in English.

We were welcomed to the house with banana ice-cream and the ability to eat any of the fresh fruit in the house. Paradise! It was great to stay with other raw foodies, every morning we made smoothies together and learned some new recipe techniques.

raw vegan tel aviv

just some of the piles of fruit inside City Tree

Tel Aviv is very hot and with no source of air conditioning the nights were spent sweating and trying to get in a few hours of sleep.

tel aviv

vegan tel aviv

Sprouts sprouts sprouts!

Since the doors and windows were left open constantly for airflow we did find that there were quite a few bugs and also some roaches in the bathroom. I guess this comes with the ‘living harmonious with nature’ concept. I will save you the photo, but we did name them.

It was very interesting to stay here, a very unique choice for sure! Check out our video tour of City Tree on youtube!

If your interested in staying here or looking for other unique properties around the world you can get a free $29 off your first stay with!

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