Lake Orta, Italy: A photo essay.

Lake Orta, or Lago D'Orta in Italian, is one of the most beautiful romantic places in all of Europe. It is nesselted in northern Italy, just west of Lake Maggiore. Compared to the larger lakes in the surrounding area, Lake Orta maintains its classic elegance and charm and boasts all the Italian character you expect. It is hard to accurately describe this area with just words, so we have chosen to take you there with a photo essay documenting some of the many beauties of Lake

Getting to know Lisbon

When travelling, I tend to plan just enough so we do not miss out on things, yet leave enough space for new adventures. Before arriving to Lisbon, we did the usual guide book read-over and picked a few places that sounded interesting. We stayed at this quirky little apartment we found on near the Praça do Comércio building. It was a cluttered loft with character and the smallest bathroom I had ever seen. The toilet literally stuck out of the doorway and a curtain w

Free Walking Tours in Europe: How it Works

As we travel on an extremely tight budget, we unfortunately do not have the luxury of paying for expensive tours to see a destination. But worry not, fellow broke backpackers! There is still a way for you to see all the sights of a city without breaking the bank. Free walking tours are available in almost every major European city - and we also went on some in Israel and in Southeast Asia. These free walking tours are a great way to not only see, but also - learn about the de