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About Us:

Hi I'm Victoria. I'm a twenty something human rights graduate from Canada. I'm reluctant to put down roots anywhere for long. I live for sunshine, Rock n Roll, adventure, french bulldogs, vegan food, tiny homes. I am passionate about nutrient rich non-gmo foods! You may know me from my raw food related blog, Instagram, and Youtube channel.  Somewhere along the course of my life, I decided I wanted something a bit different than the traditional hunched over an office desk life. I have been seeking alternative ways of living, and untraditional employment opportunities, and focusing on experiences that enlighten. We will be traveling throughout Europe in search of the best vegan bites and then switch gears completely and start our WWOOFing (if you're unfamilliar with WWOOFing check out this page) journey through forgotten fruit orchards, animal sanctuaries, vegetables patches, and italian culture. After enjoying Italian summers we jet off to Turkey to work at a raw food scool, India to learn yoga, Thailand to learn to cook, and more! Keep up with us if you can.


Somewhere i've always wanted to go:  Ubud, Bali


What I couldnt live without: Airpopped popcorn


My favourite food: bananas

Hey I’m Colin. I'm a law and religion graduate from Canada. Born and raised in the GTA, though I ventured out to Ottawa for my undergrad and now call the nation's capital home. Proud Canadian and animal lover. I live for hockey, craft beer,  vegan food, new adventures, and the Toronto Maple Leafs.


The budgeting half of the travelling twosome, I'm really excited to see how far our tight budget will take us.


My favourite food: Cashews, dark chocolate, and tofu... seperate though.. well I'm willing to try it. 

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